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Listening Station

Help Us Develop the Listening Station - A New Tool for Recording Stories and Conversations


Become an early investor and help us raise $60,000 in development costs to upgrade our beta tested Listening Station kit and app for use at educational institutions around the world, with a 2017 summer release.

As part of our investor pool, you will gain access to a community of shared users shaping how this tool can best assist students, faculty, and staff at colleges, universities, and other organizations in recording interviews, conversations, and oral histories.

In collaboration with the California State Library, we beta tested the Listening Station at libraries around the state, in a series of onsite workshops with library staff and patrons. We have witnessed how this unique, iPad-based recording station and app revolutionizes the process of low cost audio and video recordings.

Your investment will assist with a number of upgrades in the current tool, including:

  • Improved usability and functionality
  • Flexible use of captured files for editing and logging processes
  • A meta-data form for administrators
  • Automatic captioning with a search function for identifying keywords and metadata

Gain access through one of our four levels of investing! Join our exciting community and help us meet the Listening Station development goal by February 1, 2017.

Listening Station: Supporting Partner Level

Receive access to the app's administrative and automated cloud-based distribution system, where you can immediately start projects with your own equipment. 

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Listening Station: Producing Partner Level

Receive the app and distribution system, as well as the Listening Station's unique stand and armature. You will also be included as a tester in the beta test period, April-June 2017.

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Listening Station: Co-Inventor Partner Level

Receive the full kit: the app and distribution system, and the Listening Station's unique stand and armature, a 64GB iPad, a portable front light, and dual lavalier microphones. Your institution's logo will appear in the newly released app and in the 2017 marketing campaign for the tool.

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Listening Station: Collaborating Partner Level

In addition to the benefits at the Co-Inventor level, we will offer 10 hours of online consulting expertise to assist you with the project implementation process, and we will feature your project in our national marketing efforts.

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