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Education Webinar Intensive

Public Workshops

Education Webinar Intensive

Ary Smith

Digital storytelling and participatory media are powerful tools for communication, expression, and engagement in today's classrooms. For the past 20 years, StoryCenter has been supporting educators in utilizing first person narrative and digital media production in both formal and informal education contexts, including K12 classrooms, higher education, libraries, museums, and other educational settings.

The Digital Storytelling in Education Intensive offers two-hour webinar sessions on a variety of topics, presented each afternoon for one week, Monday through Friday. Registration is available for the 5-part package only. This content is also offered in a bimonthly series format as the Education Webinar Series, which can be viewed as a 5-part series or individual sessions.

This webinar series includes:

  • Digital Storytelling as a Tool for Education
  • Building A Curriculum for Digital Storytelling
  • Platforms and Technologies for Digital Storytelling in Education
  • Assessing Effectiveness of Digital Storytelling in Education
  • Digital Storytelling: Out of the Classroom and Into the Community
Workshop Details
Level Foundational
Prerequisite None
Length 2 hours daily, Monday through Friday
Time 10am Pacific Standard Time/1pm Eastern Standard Time
Location Online
Capacity 100
Tuition $300 for the full series.

Session 1 - Digital Storytelling as a Tool for Education

At the core of 21st century approaches to education is a commitment to the creation of knowledge workers who can successfully and effectively communicate. Digital storytelling is an increasingly well-researched methodology for communicating ideas and experiences. As a process that integrates writing, reflection, technology skills, and creativity, it can be adapted in endless ways for classroom, research, and engagement activities. In this discussion of pedagogical principles informing our work, we provide a detailed review of our facilitative methods and a close examination of our perspective on digital storytelling's role in contemporary education.

Session 2 - Building A Curriculum for Digital Storytelling 

For the professional educator, the proof is in the pudding. Theories and methods need to be grounded in curricula that are tested and revised. In this session, instructors from K12 and higher education settings share specifics of their digital storytelling curriculum, from basic 10 hour units or semester long syllabi, to project-based approaches addressing the humanities and social sciences. The session is ideal for classroom teachers and also relevant for technology support personel, administrators, and strategists. We will include a specific discussion of STEM and STEAM-based curriculum development with case studies.

Session 3 - Platforms and Technologies for Digital Storytelling in Education

What software? What hardware? When is an iPad or Tablet enough? When can it be more effective to use more professional media production and editing tools? These are questions we're asked every day, and through our countless implementations at schools and universities, we have developed a broad ranging perspective on the possibilities for successful digital storytelling implementation in educational contexts. In this session, we share our expertise and invite participants to contribute what they have learned, in the field.  

Session 4 - Assessing Effectiveness of Digital Storytelling in Education

All educators are asked to demonstrate efficacy of their curricula. Assessment of project-based creative process is never easy; transformative learning often defies the silos and boxes of qualitative and quantitative evaluation methods. Fortunately, many researchers and practitioners have developed appropriate instruments of assessment for digital storytelling. In this session, we examine varying approaches and explore how they can assist participants' own development and implementation efforts.

Session 5 - Digital Storytelling: Out of the Classroom and Into the Community 

StoryCenter's commitment to social change is evident in all our principles and practices. As many educational institutions struggle to bridge their educational mission with the immediate and future challenges of the neighborhoods around them, digital storytelling and StoryWork methods have become critical to successful and authentic social engagement efforts. From service learning and study abroad storytelling, to community-engaged learning, experiential education, participatory action research, and inquiry-based learning, we will review our experience in supporting social change through digital storytelling.

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