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About Custom Services

Our Custom Services

As the recognized founder and leader of what has become a global digital storytelling movement, StoryCenter is best positioned in this growing field to offer the highest-quality experiences to storytellers and listeners.

Research shows that sharing and listening to stories:

  • Increases self-esteem and wellbeing

  • Improves organizational health

  • Helps communities bond

  • Builds literacy and writing skills

  • Inspires people to take action for change

Our diverse partners and funders in locations around the world rely on our wealth of experience as we jointly explore the value of story facilitation for education, cultural preservation, community healing, public health promotion, social justice movement building, and more.

We provide end-to-end project planning, storytelling and participatory media workshop facilitation, story distribution, materials and curriculum development, and evaluation design and implementation services.

If resources are an issue, we are available to collaborate on fundraising activities. If you’re pursuing a story-based research project, we can provide in-depth consultation on institutional review board (IRB) issues.

View case studies of custom projects to see examples of what is possible, and reach out to us to discuss what specific story sharing methods can best fit your needs. 

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