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Digital Storytelling in the Round

Public Workshops

Digital Storytelling in the Round

Emily Paulos

Digital Storytelling in the Round is StoryCenter's first story workshop using VR production and design approaches. Immersive videos add an entire new dimension to exploring our stories and how they are experienced by our communities. Over three days participants will learn how to operate a VR camera, develop a narration, shoot appropriate material, and edit and complete a story. Our goal is to have people develop a uniform production process using a specific camera and kit, and we will provide the kit at cost to participants, or they can bring their own VR camera and tripod. Participants will need Premiere CC compatible laptops, and will use trial version of Premiere CC for editing.

Mendocino instructors: Joe Lambert, StoryCenter and Kathy Bisbee,  Brookline Interactive Group/Public VR Lab

Boston instructors: Joe Lambert and BIG Staff

Workshop Details
Level Foundational
Prerequisite None
Length 3 days
Time 10am-6pm
Location Mendocino/Albion, CA or Boston, MA
Capacity 10
Tuition $1,295 (includes Rylo 360 VR camera, case, tripod) or $695 if you bring your own VR camera and tripod