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About Public Workshops

I recently attended a public workshop and am so glad I did. The workshop is well-thought out, beautifully facilitated, and provides the scaffolding learners need to learn a TON and produce something worthwhile and creative in just 3 days. Highly, highly recommended.
— Sue Trinidad, Research Scientist

find it, make it, share it

Are you seeking a safe environment in which your voice will be heard? Are you interested in mastering the multiple modes of storytelling or understanding the ethical considerations associated with creating and sharing personal stories? Look no further.

Why this Story? Why this Story Now?

Finding a story to share is often not easy. Yet sharing experiences from our lives can be immensely rewarding and may even reveal unexpected outcomes. Helping you access your deepest insights is the part of the journey that our facilitators enjoy most.


Being heard meets a human need for connection. Even though the simple act of being acknowledged, being listened to–  can change everything, people often don’t take the opportunity to listen with depth and attention. Our workshops provide a space for telling and listening to emotionally honest stories.

Finding Moments

Human lives are comprised of an infinite number of moments. A moment of change might be dramatic, or it may occur without you even noticing it or grasping its significance. We're here to help you find a moment of change that can root your story.

Make Something

From birth, many people make music, draw, dance, and tell stories. As they grow to adulthood, they often internalize their creativity and simply give up, never to make art again. There is no one formula for taking a story and producing it as a great digital story. Providing a map, illuminating the possibilities, outlining a framework– these are better metaphors for how we can assist your creativity.

Try It. You Will Like It

The creative energy, support for people at all levels of technical ability, and commitment to the value of the human voice made the StoryCenter workshop an unforgettable experience.
— Public Workshop Participant